An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Capturing Magic Through The Lens

My work has been exhibited at the Eubie Blake National Jazz and Cultural Center in Baltimore, Maryland and published on more musician website’s than I can count. I have photographed some of the biggest names in the industry as well as many incredibly talented local artists and have enjoyed {almost} every moment of it. My Live Jazz photos can be viewed here. My favorite work was the work I did in Ghana, and you can view that collection here. One of my photos from Ghana was even selected by the Director of Jazz Studies at Princeton University to grace the cover of his CD, and you can view that CD here.


Johnny Gill, Howard Theater, DC.
Johnny Gill, Howard Theater, DC.
Ravi Coltrane performing.
Ravi Coltrane

Fine Art Photography

One Artistic Eye Deserves Another

Over the years, I’ve developed a good feel for creating exceptional images of your fine art projects. Whether you need new photos for a website, shots of you in action for your upcoming cd, or just want to capture your performances for the memories, I can get the photos you need with the spirit you’re looking for without compromising your artistic vision.

I’ve worked with dozens of artists, publishers, graphic artists, and artist managers over the years to document many musicians’ careers. No matter the reason, I can provide you with stunning photography that not only documents your musical occasion, but also captures your musician’s inner soul.

Capturing Special Events

Your Biggest Moments Captured, Without Interruption

Let’s face it – a musical career is something we look back on for years to come, remembering the good times we’ve had and the wonderful people we’ve shared our talents with. Capturing that event is just as important as any other detail you need to work out. My photography will help you capture the magic of the moment, whether it’s a special performance, CD release party, music festival performance, or similar special moment in your musical career.

Because I’ve worked with so many clients in so many different environments, you’ll barely notice I’m there – I rarely use flash photography and always wear all black so that I can blend into the background. This is just one way I capture the magic.

Carmen Lundy performing.
Carmen Lundy performing at the Blue Note Lounge in New York City.