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Because my clients often request a variety of services, I prefer to meet with clients and customize my packages to their needs. To meet these needs, I offer a wide variety of different services, either in package form or a la carte, so that clients who prefer to know exactly what they’re purchasing have the information available. I also offer an hourly rate for clients who may have difficulty opening up to the inner beauty they want captured on paper. For clients who like my style but need photography services in a remote or distant location, I’m willing to work out travel expenses.



Other services I regularly offer my clients include digital touch-ups of red eyes and basic complexion smoothing, airbrushing extra pounds away, working with professionals to develop brand images that build the impression they’re trying to create, teaching musicians how to get the most out of their photo sessions and more.


My Available Services

A Little Something for Every MUSICIAN

I offer a wide variety of photography-related services to meet your needs. If you need a service that isn’t listed here, contact me. I’ve worked on a variety of unique projects.

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Capturing the Magic of live Shows

Catching Special Performances

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